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02.02.11 | Comment?

I have updated the links categories with a few more sites. Check them out. Here’s a blogging strategy note: I’ll be regularly changing that RBMA Radio page with different shows that I like. I’ll let you know when I change it. But check that out too. If you don’t already know, Red Bull Music Academy is a pretty significant institution for all kinds of music and learning and has been for quite a few years now. One of the first, and one of the most memorable, events that I went to in Detroit while doing my doctoral ethnographic research was an RBMA event at Submerge in April 2008. It was a few months after I moved to Michigan. The event was simultaneously an interview with Dennis Coffey, Motown Funk Brother, studio musician, and excellent guitarist; and an information session for musicians interested in applying for the academy.

I wrote about that event here: http://denisedjsdetroit.blogspot.com/2008/04/finally-im-back.html. Now remember, this is way back when I was new. I’m still new, but not quite so new. The people who spoke during the info session were … oh look, here’s a flyer.

Pretty memorable.

Completely unrelated, but fun for me, I heard this song on WCBN today:

“Garoto Cibernético” by Paulo Vignolo. There’s no audio of this song online really, and I definitely don’t put up other people’s music. I like to let y’all handle your own shit. It’s a Brazilian song from a Som Livre compilation from 1984 called Plunct! Plact! Zuuum! Vol. 2. The vocals are pretty awesome and there’s definitely an 80s cheeze funk to it. The singer yells “Porque! Porque!” in a goofy staccato percussive way. I love it.

If you like to read Portuguese (Brazilian), then you can have some fun here:


Super fantastic children of gold.   !!!

And the song title, “Garoto Cibernético”? How many different ways can we stupidly translate this? Cyber boys. Computer boys. Cybernetic dudes. How many? I take liberties that you don’t even know. You gotta say that title with a serious frown on your face: garoto cibernetico. (That “T” in cibernetico is kind of like a “CH” sound if that helps your frown.)

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