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02.28.11 | Comment?

Detroit Loves Animals


I updated the RBMA Radio Page with some new radio shows. Enjoy them enthusiastically and vigorously, you know, whatever that means for you.

Shows added:

Maurice Fulton
BubbleTease Communications Vol. 19
Ritchie Family “I’ll Do My Best” is one of my favorite songs ever in life. All the BubbleTease’s are dope.

Todd Osborn
Preset 16
It’s excellent. I just got way too much soapy dish water all over my “What Would Joan Jett Do?” t-shirt while listening/washing/bouncing.

Danny Krivit
Fireside Chat
Fun and extremely educational. Lots about edits and stuff.

DJ Harvey
Fireside Chat
He’s that loser Matt Abbott’s favorite DJ. You know, Abbott – Gary Springs Hunting Club. They have a “blog” now, and Aaron and friends are writing alot on it. It’s all a little bit too “exciting” for me. They say welp and howdy alot.

Man, this is so informative. I know you’re filled with appreciation.


Marcellus Pittman
Train Wreck Mix
I will always be a serious fan of this man. Lot’s of good Detroit sounds, and other things.

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