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Macho City Saves My Day

03.27.11 | 2 Comments

Macho City

R&R Saloon
7330 Michigan Ave, Detroit
Monthly Disco Party with Scott Zacharias and Mike Trombley

They just celebrated their 2 year anniversary last night. It was excellent.

Here’s a supergay interview with Mike Trombley about Macho City from 2009.

I was all set to post a load of awesome music that I heard last night. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to hear it in its glory. R&R Saloon sound is pretty nice. But I figured it might be fun to hear some of my favorite things again. I haven’t taken cell phone notes in a long while, but I was thumbing away last night. Did you think I was texting my buds all night long? Nope, I pretty much hate texting and actively avoid it. It’s probably just because they decided to jam all those letters onto the numbers and I have no use for an interneted phone. I used to take notes when I went out sometimes as part of my dissertation field research. I quickly chose phone over pen and paper – sweaty tiny note pad (I dance) and potentially bursting ink pen in my jeans was unappealing. Anyway, I thumbed a healthy list of music info about what I was hearing last night. Some song titles I knew, some I didn’t and assumed that I could do a little internet digging and uncover what I was looking for. Nope, not with these guys. I suppose if that was the case, the big gay party wouldn’t be so big and gay.

Regardless, here’s a sample of some of my favorite things last night. And no promises that these are the actual versions that spun on platters last night. I’m not that cool.

Here’s some things I’m not certain about, but I don’t mind admitting that.

Some instrumental song that at the time sounded like Peven Everett’s “Easy Livin,” but tonight I’m not so sure. Whatever, it’s a good song anyway.

Then some awesome song about having a fix it in my hand QUESTION MARK. Really great funky beats on that one. Then an even awesomer song with heavy electro beats with these lyrics: “It’s all about the house parties … house music.” “It’s all about” other things too. It sounded like it could have been made in the early 80s or today. It didn’t really feel dated to a particular time or sound.

Oh, and just so you know, if I was to throw a disco party in Detroit (I’m not a promoter, just an idea maker – scroll down), not only would I serve mangoes, kiwi, pineapple, and some berries, THE LOFT, I would serve all kinds of warm, fresh baked bread like sourdough, something soft, spelt bread (my next loaf in real life), some kind of multi-grain bread (like 7), pumpernickel with espresso in it, challah. Carbs for dancing. And finally, maybe some super spritzed kombucha.

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