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Detroit Party Time, Day Three

06.04.11 | Comment?

Monday was an excellent day for music! It was even better than I had expected, especially Waajeed at Shit Show, hosted by Gary Springs Hunting Club. Yes, those nerds had Waajeed play their party. Didn’t realize that, didjya? Apparently not many people did, cause that floor was empty, and it had nothing to do with Waajeed. Hey, more room for me to dance. But let’s backtrack, I’m trying to be more linear and not blob all over the place. How’s that working out …

After a short, but excellent sleep, my wonderful friend and I got up and went down to Avalon for more espresso, cookies, bread. Yeah, we hung out there for a while. It was a perfect way to start the day. Bought my mom a beautiful marble rye. Their buttery brioche’s are excellent. We shared our hopes and dreams for our futures, honestly, we did. We regretfully parted ways and I rode around the city for a while. Once again, enjoying my solo time. I really like riding my bike in a city. I used to live in NYC for five years in the late 90s, and loved riding my bike all over the place there. I had never been on the Dequindre Cut before. I didn’t carry my camera with me this time, so no photos of my own here, sorry. But here’s the cut:

And yes, there’s still plenty of great pieces like this up along the trail:

I had a great ride. I wasn’t exactly sure where to get on, so I rode through the Eastern Market area down to Gratiot, rode down Gratiot, didn’t spot the ramp, and then turned around when I got right downtown and rode back up Gratiot. The ramp was just a bit past Russell. I turned onto the ramp and excitedly rode down onto the trail. There were lots of flowers and grasses, new trees, and plenty of old growth still as well. I rode down to the river and then zipped around town over to Grand River and up to TV Bar for Shit Show.

Oh my god, another highlight of my weekend. I had a pretty good weekend, I must say. All the good shit is out there, you just have to know where to find what you like. Matt Abbott and Aaron Cummins, the brilliant minds behind Gary Springs Hunting Club, know how to take care of Detroit. This is the second year in a row that they have hosted a ridiculous 24 hour party during the festival weekend. It was really good, and successful, last year. It was the same this year. They had a petting zoo around back. Yes they did. What a sweet little surprise. I was on a mission for Metro Area, so I sauntered right past those barn animals. Metro Area. Yes they did. The line up for this party was fantastic. There was something good going on at all hours. Metro Area was super fun, and after standing around talking with friends, they got me up and dancing at noon! After them was Eddie C, also excited for him. I love his disco edits, and his productions. He played a pretty nice, minimal edit of this:

No vocal, and not much of the melody line, at least not in the portion he played. And he played it for quite a nice long while. It was not the Francois K edit. Maybe it was his own edit. It was a really great set. I danced in a shady spot outside for at least the first half of his set. Oh yeah, and I met David Shettler of Moon Pool & Dead Band! Cool guy, great band.

I had to tear myself away from Eddie C because Com Truise was playing inside, and I wanted to see him again. Good choice. I went inside and sat down for a while and really enjoyed his set. Then Waajeed. What can I say. One of the best things for me all weekend: Michael Geiger, Omar S, Waajeed. Excellent. Quality. Greatness. I didn’t know what he was going to play. I’ve never seen him DJ before, and definitely not in Detroit. This is who Waajeed is:

Half of Platinum Pied Pipers. Founder of the Bling47 record label. And many etceteras.

Here’s his bio from the Red Bull Music Academy site:

Waajeed is no stranger to those who know their beats. After helping Slum Village get from dot to bang with J Dilla in the mid-’90s, he dropped cuts with Dwele and a series of classics on his label Bling47. Then came PPP, a collaboration between Waajeed and Saadiq, with guests like Sa-Ra and Spacek, the Platinum Pied Pipers album brought a blend of Detroit soul, hip hop, house and rock to the table. Like a lot of cats from the D, Waajeed is all about the music. Platinum has never sounded so good!

Now do you realize why some of us were excited? Yeah. So his set was fantastic. He started off with some really nice hip hop. I was standing in the back corner bobbing my head, staring at the carpeted floor thinking “why is there carpet now? I hate dancing on carpet.” I quickly got over the carpet issue and didn’t give it another thought. After a bit of hip hop, he started playing some techno, house, electro, and old funk and hip hop that I didn’t know; tracks that are so Detroit without necessarily being made here. He played some Detroit stuff, but also lots of things that get played in and around Detroit by serious selectors. Heard a few Kraftwerk songs. Some Dopplereffekt.

Pretty sure I heard these:

Also, Blue Monday by New Order. Plenty more that I could not identify! Like this one bouncing, ridiculous techno track that I’m sure I’ve heard before, but have no idea what it is. It was the hottest thing I’ve heard in a long time. It’s like Alexander Robotnik, but not. And, just to add some slightly extraneous information, Axel Foley’s theme song by Harold Faltermeyer is on Waajeed’s Electric Street Orchestra mix! Axel Foley! Harold Faltermeyer! Hearts from me to that. There was tons of greatness throughout his whole set. I think I stepped out for just a second, but didn’t want to miss a moment of his hour and a half set. And the only times I stopped dancing were to stand in front of the fan.

I almost forgot to share this gem with you.

That's Aaron Cummins and Matt Abbott. Party Throwers.

After that special little party, I enjoyed a hearty, lengthy meal at Slows. I attempted the festival, but ended up needing to head home to take care of some more important things, last minute. There were some good things I missed, particularly Claude Young. Some other time, I’m sure.

Lovely seeing and meeting you all. Looking forward to next year. Also looking forward to the next time I go to Detroit, like, this week.

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