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Discolanti at Woodruff’s

06.13.11 | 6 Comments

Finally, I can sit down to write this report. I think I’ll start calling them reports. Been thinking of it as a review for a while. But really, it’s more a description of just how awesome something is than an actual review. So this is my awesomeness description. That’s the new category. I just finished listening to Rob Theakston’s Sunday night radio show on wrfl.fm out of Lexington, KY. This week was a special on Tribe records out of Detroit. Excellent excellent show of some beautiful jazz selections. I always learn lots of new things when I listen to his show. It’s every Sunday night from 8-10PM. I fretted around after that trying to find something to listen to that I could write to. More jazz, I guess. Donald Byrd radio on last.fm is what I chose. It’s working.

So Discolanti at Woodruff’s in Ypsilanti, MI. This is the third of this bimonthly party. It’s pretty fantastic. Not sure why I would ever miss it. Todd Osborn hosts it at Woodruff’s, you know, that place that I like alot. The wonderful Chuck Hampton also takes care of business at this party with great disco, house and funk selections. You should just go so that you can watch him behind the turntables. He’s super cute and dances, just a teensy bit – like that “I’m a sweet gay man, not really flamboyant, except when I wear a red feather boa and enormous gem rings on every digit while I play records at the Interdimensional Transmissions Halloween party, you love me, I’m handsome AND cute AND smart” kind of thing. Other DJs bring hot sounds as well to this party, like Mike Trombley, Rob Theakston, and Carlos Souffront. This week was Todd and Chuck, and it was exciting as always.

All the photos in this post, I took. Can you believe it?! I actually brought a clunky camera with me and attempted stealing some souls.

I don’t really play video games, but these are like, cool, or something. I forgot to snap some photos of the bar and Andy and Hasan, the guys who run this place. They do an incredible job and are loved and adored the world over, seriously. Remember everybody’s name. Get all in your shit, in a good way. They know what’s up. Excellent beer selection, from Michigan and elsewhere. Excellent liquor selection. Anyway, Woodruff’s is just cool as shit.

Read WAY more about Finck’s Detroit Special Overalls at Sweet Juniper.

And, hanging above the fireplace, yes, a fireplace (ski lodge):

I got there early, long before most of my other friends arrived. I’m special like that. I know how to get to a place super early and enjoy sitting alone listening, maybe writing. And then it gets a bit long, I’m here by myself still, my only friend here is busy playing fantastic music. He doesn’t need me bothering him. I actually got whiny enough that I nearly went home early. That would be stupid, because just look at what I would have missed.

Todd played lots of great italo songs early in the night. One track sounded kind of like a Giorgio Moroder thing with some vocoder vocals. Couldn’t make out the vocals, didn’t know the track.

Todd Osborn.

Also heard,

No doubt.

Then a super cool version of this, not this one, something way awesomer. Remember, this is the awesomeness meter post.

Brendan Gillen of Ectomorph would go to the store as a child and say house into a casio synthesizer and then play how-how-how-how-how-how-how-house nation. When I heard this song, sort of early in the night, I thought, this is great, but I wish I could hear it later, while dancing. And I did hear it again! But I was engrossed in a good conversation with a new friend, so sadly, I was not dancing yet again. However, I did exclaim, “He’s such a great DJ” to new friend. And it’s true. Todd is totally fucking ridiculous. His sets are consistently exciting. I’m never let down. Back to when I was still sitting on my own, writing a list of themes for the concluding chapter of my dissertation (!! I know what to write, I just have to write it !!), when my ears were then graced with this:

Had I not been sitting, pen in hand, I would have been dancing like a freak. I then thought how good everything sounds. It keeps getting better. Sound system is solid. Perfect for hearing everything I want to hear. Meaning, good for the songs I get to hear, but also good for all the different sounds that come through.

And then, oh my god, this. All those bass sounds get me.

It’s here when you want it. Oh boy. And then, right when I thought I was going to whine my way all the way to the car at midnight. I had already been busy with my kids all day, what can I say. All my friends arrived at once. Arthur Russell song, here. “I want to see all my friends at once.” I was in heaven.

I did not hear this at discolanti, but you could easily expect to. Hearing Arthur Russell played is always a favorite moment for me. I also met some new folks, friends of good friends. I ended up talking most of the night. Now here’s a reference to that post about how much I love skilled divas. When someone comes up and wants to make a request, just say “I can’t hear you.” Your friends will laugh.

Chuck played Patrice Rushen “Haven’t You Heard,” but I already put that song up in an earlier post. Can’t put it up twice!!

Chuck Hampton.

He also played this business. Always a favorite!

Of course, I really enjoyed hearing this next one. I had been listening to it earlier that very evening, like probably 5 times or something. My boys didn’t complain. I have a tendency to listen to songs I really like repeatedly. I go in phases, sometimes come back to songs and do the same thing all over.

Here’s a little snip from a conversation I had out on the patio: “You’re still writing!? Do we need to talk again?” As in, “it’s been a while since you interviewed me, Denise, I can’t believe it’s taking you this long. So much has happened since we did our interview, we should probably sit down so I can fill you in and make sure you’re doing this right.” I then gave this friend the finger for the first time.

Wait, there’s more.

There’s a jukebox. It plays 45s. Crazy awesome funk 45s. It plays records. Acquired broken, and then restored by Todd; fixed and modified by Todd; filled by Todd. 1 play for 25 cents. It doesn’t matter what you choose for your quarter, it’s all fantastic.

And that shit is loud, so when the needle moves down and hits the record, you hear it at a disturbing volume. I love that. Sonoramic Sound. 120 Selections.

Get your fucking hand out of the way, Ethan, jesus christ:

There were many more great songs and sounds heard all night. Lots of lovely conversation with super cool friends. New friends made. I even danced a little bit, I think I was tired, and just really having fun hanging out. Woodruff’s has great things going on every night of every week.

36 E Cross Street Ypsilanti Michigan

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