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I Love To Tell Stories.

01.19.12 | 1 Comment

Did you know?

I would like to do more story telling here in the land of schoolcraftwax. My dissertation is coming to a close and I feel like temporarily or maybe just occasionally taking a step away from strictly Detroit and strictly electronic music to write about other things. I remain infinitely passionate about Detroit and about electronic music, but I also like other things and enjoy writing about what I’m experiencing, observing, thinking, or liking. LOTS has changed since I started this blog a year ago. One year ago?!?!? Happy Birthday Bitch! January 29 is schoolcraftwax’s birthday. Feel free to celebrate. I know I’m excited.

You may know me as Laura Ingalls Wilder. I love the woods. I love being outside. I love mud on my boots and waltzing through the forest. Quiet waltzing! I also have always loved the Little House on the Prairie books, not the show, just the books. I watched my share of TV as a kid, but for some reason, I never got into the show. I devoured the books and still love them. I would totally build a house into a grassy hill. INTO IT.

I have wanted to read Octavia Butler since I learned about her in college. This summer, I finally popped that cherry. She’s fantastic. I want more.

I love to tell stories. Always have. I love to read stories, too. I used to write letters and I used to get a lot of letters, too. I kept up regular written correspondence with friends, boys, family throughout my youth. Email and other electronic communication has replaced that for the most part. I say that matter-of-factly, not in a lamenting or remorseful way. I recently spent some days sorting through boxes in the basement, dresser drawers, closets, and my beloved, big, old, wooden desk. To my surprise, I found a tremendous amount of things that my children and I no longer need. My desk feels wonderful, like a proper work space where shit can actually get done. It’s no longer the place where I put stuff that doesn’t have anywhere else to go. But even more exciting, I found lots of old letters from people: love letters from boys, letters from friends who lived a few blocks down, letters from friends in other states and in other countries, and letters from my aunt and my great-grandmother. My great-grandmother, who died about five years ago, was such a sweet, cool woman. She was feisty, had the best laugh, and said things like “Don’t tell me!” when faced with some information that was mildly unbelievable. Her name is Alice. She had the softest wrinkled skin imaginable. It was better than silk. Better than kitten fur. I inherited her pen after she died. I lost it for at least three years, then found it again in November between the lining and the leather of a bag after coming home from a conference in Philadelphia. It’s a slender, delicate, silver pen that twists to write. I love and cherish it and hollered loudly when I found it!

I used to want to be Anne of Green Gables and got all dreamy about the idea of Gilbert Blythe. I read the books as a young girl. When I found out that there were movies, I totally freaked out and fell even more in love with the story. They had Canadian accents … you know, because it takes place on Prince Edward Island. I’m Canadian. Oh my god. I loved it.

So, storytelling. That’s kind of my thing. I almost took down schoolcraftwax this month because I didn’t feel like I had a whole lot to say publicly about Detroit music other than what I post on facebook. But I decided that I love writing and I love blogging and I want to continue to have this forum to write, announce, discuss, and share, even if it’s not consistently Detroit related. Schoolcraft IS a road in Detroit. That’s why I chose it for the title of this blog. But, I’m schooly in other ways, too. I like wax. I like lots of different kinds of music, and I like all kinds of other “shit that I love” and shit that maybe some of you love, too. I will have my Ph.D. in May. Dissertation on Detroit electronic music will be done. I’ll let you know where and how you can access it to read it online. I’ve got a publisher for my book, which will be similar to my dissertation, but it will not be the same. I’m on the search for research and teaching jobs. I’m applying for some great ones that I’m totally qualified for, which feels so great, none of which are in the state of Michigan. A move is in my future, and while I love southeast Michigan, love Detroit, and have an incredible community of friends here, I genuinely feel that it’s time to move and start new things – like my academic career! And maybe even a new, but related, research project. I already have plans for book number two, and it better not take so damn long!!

I’ll conclude with my very favorite Emily Dickenson poem:


I’m nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there’s a pair of us–don’t tell!
They’d banish us, you know.

How dreary to be somebody!
How public, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

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