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… is glorious.

The NPR piece about Detroit techno tracks is being shared around a lot lately, again. Thanks y’all. I like it too. Here’s the article:

Get Familiar with Detroit Techno:10 Essential Songs

Of course, when there is suddenly way more traffic to schoolcraftwax than normal, I have some weirdo post up about literature as the first thing readers see. Great.

Wills Glasspiegel and Marlon Bishop, the guys who compiled the NPR piece, also did a one hour special on Afropop Worldwide last summer about Chicago house and Detroit techno. I was proud to be involved as a consultant and tour guide when they came to Detroit. Here is my writeup about that project: Midwest Electric. The soundcloud link for that radio program is also available there.

It would please me greatly to announce to you the following book:

The Evolution of Electronic Dance Music 

It is a compilation of articles from Keyboard Magazine featuring notable producers, DJs, and music production equipment. It also features two more current articles done specifically for the book. One is a Q&A with Robert Henke of Monolake and the other is a Q&A with me about electronic dance music with a focus on Detroit.

The book is edited by Peter Kirn of the blog Create Digital Music .

Here is his writeup on CDM about the book.


Here is the Table of Contents:


1. Kraftwerk
“Electronic Minstrels of the Global Village”
By Jim Aikin, March 1982

2. Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, The Units, Wall of Voodoo, Japan, Our Daughters Wedding
“New Synthesizer Rock”
By Robert Doerschuk, June 1982

3. The Ethnomusicology of Dance Music
“Denise Dalphond Goes Inside EDM Culture’s Roots”
By Peter Kirn, June 2011

4. Frankie Knuckles, Jesse Saunders, Farley “Jackmaster” Funk
“The Fathers of Chicago House”
By Greg Rule, August 1997

5. Juan Atkins
“Juan Atkins: Techno Starts Here”
By Robert Doerschuk, July 1995

6. Electronic Body Music
“Front 242: The Aggressive Edge of Rhythm and the Power of Recycled Culture”
By Robert L. Doerschuk, September 1989

“The Art of Extreme Noise”
By Francis Preve, September 2003

7. Rise of the Machines
“Roland CR-78, TR-808 and TR-909: Classic Beat Boxes”
By Mark Vail, May 1994

“Akai MPC60”
By Freff, November 1988

“Propellerhead: Propelling Changes”
By Mark Vail, April 1999

8. Charlie Clouser on Techno
“Techno How To”
By Charlie Clouser, September 1993

9. The Orb
“Inside the Ambient Techno Ultraworld”
By Robert Doerschuk, June 1995

10. Orbital, Meat Beat Manifesto, Underworld
By Greg Rule and Caspar Melville, October 1996

11. Aphex Twin
“Still Hacking After All These Years”
By Greg Rule, April 1997

12. Chemical Brothers
“Water into Acid: The Chemical Brothers Blow Up”
By Greg Rule, June 1997

13. Daft Punk
“Robopop: Part Man, Part Machine, All Daft Punk.”
By Chris Gill, May 2001

14. Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva
“The Sounds of Science: Richie Hawtin Puts the Tech in Techno”
By Chris Gill, December 2001

“Technical Itch: John Acquaviva gets his FinalScratch”
By Stacia Monteith, December 2001

15. BT
“The Mind of BT”
By Stephen Fortner, December 2005

16. Amon Tobin
“The Big Score”
By Bill Murphy, April 2007

17. Flying Lotus
“Flying Lotus: Darkness & Light”
By Noah Levine, August 2008

“Flying Lotus: On Splicing Bebop and Hip-Hop DNA”
By Drew Hinshaw, July 2010

18. Autechre
“Autechre: Easy to Be Hard”
By Ken Micallef, April 2008

“5 Questions with Rob Brown of Autechre”
By Greg Rule, June 1996

19. Crystal Method
“Crystal Method: United by Synths, Divided by Night”
By Peter Kirn, November 2009

20. Robert Henke (Monolake)
“The Composer, Artist, and Ableton Live Imagineer Looks to the Future”
By Peter Kirn, June 2011

Techno Boulevard, uh boulevard. I am so excited to have this book available and to have my words and ideas be a part of it. Also, it’s cheap! $11.55 on Amazon. You know me, I like information to be widely available FOR FREE or at least at a small small price. I feel like I’ve finally come to a point in my academic and writing life where I don’t cringe at what I wrote six months ago. I got my copy of this book in the mail and I thought I might look at it and wish that I had expressed something differently or that I might not really like it anymore. To my surprise, that did not happen!! I still like it. I stand behind it. Like so many words.

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