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Model Z: A Model D House Party and Zoot’s Reunion

06.21.12 | Comment?

I never went to Zoot’s. Can you guess how excited I am that I get to go to an awesome event in the building that housed Zoot’s tomorrow night!? The building that is now home to Model D headquarters. The live music looks like it will be pretty awesome. Windy & Carl are wonderful. Swimsuit? I have a 7 inch of theirs. It’s great. The party will also be a fundraising event for Detroit Sound Conservancy. I’m a member, so you know it’s cool.

And here’s where I get like a nerd. Right when I typed “it’s cool,” I thought “everything’s cool,” which made me think of Weird Science. If you’ve never seen this movie, you should stop reading my blog immediately because we’re not even speaking the same language. So rather than spend way too much time hunting down a clip of the scene I’m imagining, I will fail you by providing dialog. If you can’t hear these voices in your head, please do yourself a favor and see this movie.

Lisa: What are you so nervous about? Everything’s cool.
Gary: EVERYTHING’S COOL! Yeah yeah. My dad’s gonna castrate me. And my mother almost had like cardiac arrest. My parents are not gonna let me in the house again and if they do I’m gonna be grounded till I’m about 45. But other than that everything’s great. Everything’s cool. In fact things can’t get any better.

All those words are spoken really whiny and fast by a skinny white boy who was in all those rad 80s movies filmed in Chicago’s northern suburbs.


Here’s what’s going on tomorrow night:

On June 22, Model D will celebrate the heyday of Zoot’s Coffeehouse – roughly 1994 to 1998 – by bringing back some of the bands and DJs that used to attract lines around the block. To do that we’ve asked Dion Fischer – who performed at the house in bands Godzuki and Princess Dragonmom – to curate the night’s entertainment.

In addition, Model D joins with the Detroit Public Library Friends Foundation and its E. Azalia Hackley Collection to honor the past as well as put our faith in the future by taking this opportunity to raise funds for a newly-formed group, the Detroit Sound Conservancy (see http://facebook.com/detroitsoundconservancy).

Donations may be made to The Detroit Public Library Friends Foundation via cash, check or via PayPal at http://detroitpubliclibrary.org/ and clicking on DPL Friends Foundation. Please note that your gift is for the Detroit Sound Conservancy and is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Here’s the lineup for the night!
Michigan space rock pioneers Windy & Carl.
Little Princess (zoo trip performance in the yard).
Swimsuit (new group featuring Fred Thomas of Saturday Looks Good to Me and City Center).
Danny Kroha (a solo performance by a founding member of the Gories).

A DJ Tag Team Set featuring Zoots Alums (TBA)

Local food & drink from Traffic Jam & Snug, The Batata Shop & more…

Artist Davin Brainard, also a member of Little Princess, will hang some of his works, priced to sell, with half of the proceeds going to the Detroit Sound Conservancy.

It starts with DJ’d tunes 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.; live music will go roughly 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., and possibly later.

Recommended donation: $10.

More info here:


And now you can finally listen to some music:

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