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The Bitch is Back, tryin at least

07.03.13 | Comment?

Guess who.

Did you get that? Bitch. Is Back. The.

I try. I really do. I think of things I want to write. Some of them stay in my head. Some of them go into a notebook. Some of them, most of them, get put into my book draft. Oh, it’s going. But schoolcraft wax is looking a little sad lately. It’s just cause I’ve been doing stuff. Busy parenting, working, maintaining my community. Shit, maintaining in general.

I told you all I would write about the festival. Movement was pretty great. I got to see Mike Huckaby play records at Rhino’s in Harmonie Park Friday night of that special weekend. It was put together at nearly the last minute and did not have a large crowd Friday night. But that’s cool, cause I got to dance with plenty of space to Mike Huckaby.

Saturday was supposed to be a wonderful day with plenty of excellent music. One highlight that I had been looking forward to for months was seeing Shigeto play. I wondered if he would play drums live. He did. I did not see it.

I was home sick. I’ll spare you the details. I’m tough, I can take a whole lot, and work through. This was enough to keep me home from Detroit and delicious music all day. I missed Kenny Dixon. I missed XXXY. And Terrence Parker! I missed Terrence Parker. From what I heard, I missed quality performances. Terrence is said to have played classics with his own style of turntablism, inspiring the crowd into booty shakes. You know I’d be there, shakin. That night was also the Deep Detroit party at 1515 Broadway. Many were turned away because it was such a popular party and such a small space. Good for them. Bad for folks who want to dance. That’s a quality annual party.

Sunday, Mala was the first thing I heard. It was every bit as good as I’d hoped.


I’ve been a fan of Digital Mystikz and of Mala for a while now. He played some great records. He started off slow with some droning dub and gradually got things going. He played “Alicia” which really made me swoon.

Pick yourself up, I know, I know. Wipe your brow. We have to move on. Adult. Did you all see this? They were fantastic. We had a good view, too. I loved all of their songs. They performed Shari Vari. Nicola Kuperus’ vocals were fantastic. I’m posting this live video from a MOCAD performance rather than the studio recorded version because it captures what I loved about the performance at the festival. Listen and watch and then multiply times one thousand.

I liked it a lot better than the Dirtbombs version of the song that came out a few years ago. I’m sorry! Not a popular opinion, but it’s my own. Come on. The Dirtbombs did “Kung Fu.” They have set the bar high. A long time ago. My expectations for them remain high.

I got to see Minx DJ, who was funky as usual. Lots of dancing. Then Dan Bell later that evening.

Daniel Bell @ Movement Festival Detroit – Hart Plaza Day 2 (26-05-2013) by Livesetsarchive.Com on Mixcloud

Dan Bell was the highlight of the weekend, in terms of music. I was there with people I cared about listening to music I cared about. Bell has a skill with selecting ridiculous music that stimulates your intellect, jogs your memory, fills your heart, and shakes hips, all at the same time, and for extended periods of time. I was listening/dancing to Dan with my Detroit Sound Conservancy compatriot, Carleton S. Gholz, doctor of awesomeness. Carleton has been making things happen for DSC. He’s got heart and ideas and knows how to pour himself into something significant. You’ll continue to hear more about DSC, both here and around town, over the next year. Anyway, during Dan Bell’s set, the two of us yelled into each other’s faces, as well as those around us. It was a time. Whenever I try to talk when great music is playing, I have a hard time concentrating. The music distracts me from the conversation. Dan Bell’s set definitely had this effect.

I was satisfied. I’m sure all the visitors to town spent lots of time around the city. There is so much to see and do. Tigers games. Belle Isle. Delicious food like Lafayette Coney Island, Harmonie Garden, Motor City Brew Works, Traffic Jam and Snug, Pizza Papalis. Coffee? Oh, Detroit has coffee now. Astro, Great Lakes, Anthology. Sweet sweet espresso. You can gamble here. Casinos abound. They have cool shows at them sometimes, the one’s I like to pay attention to are the stand up comedians and the old funk and r&b performances. I’ve never played games in a casino before. Maybe this would help me figure it all out: pocketfruity.com. I promise you my kids know way more about video games and online gaming than I do.

My illness limited us to the festival, avoiding afterparties for all but Friday night, unfortunately. Then, other responsibilities came up on Monday and I only got to see TOKIMONSTA and Erika. Tokimonsta was disappointing. I am pretty sure she had her entire set pre-programmed on her laptop and was twisting knobs on her mixer and dancing around while it played. I’m fairly liberal in my opinions about what a DJ can do and still be interesting. Digital, analog, CDs, tape, laptops; there are plenty of options, all with the potential to make you get down. What I saw her doing up on the main stage that afternoon barely qualified as a live performance. She pressed play and most of the time when she moved the knobs, nothing audible happened. It takes minimal skill to do that. There are computer programs that will match beats for you. She didn’t even need to be on the stage and the same thing could have happened. I was disappointed. How are you going to come to Detroit, play the RBMA stage, the main stage, in Detroit, and do that? I can listen to DJ sets that are programmed at home on my computer all day and that’s lovely. But not when I’m at a festival in Detroit wanting to hear and see inspiring things. To top it off, her selection was not notable. Erika, however, was fascinating. She played a live set. I’m a fan of hers. She has a new release.

Come and visit Detroit anytime. This city loves visitors, loud music, and general weirdness. Weird does good here.

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