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Midwest Electric on Afropop Worldwide

Go listen to this show. Download it. Love it. Cherish it. Comment on soundcloud. I did.

Midwest Electric: The Story of Chicago House and Detroit Techno by Afropop Worldwide

This is a great radio documentary about electronic music in Chicago and Detroit. Marlon Bishop and Wills Glasspiegel, of NPR and Afropop Worldwide, traveled to Chicago and Detroit to research this radio documentary and to conduct interviews with significant figures, of the past and present. Kai Fikentscher, Ph.D. and Portia Mautlsby, Ph.D. were instrumental in connecting me with Afropop Worldwide for this program. I am so grateful to have been a part of it and to be given the opportunity to involve others in this project that Marlon and Wills would otherwise not have met. I always have an agenda of getting lesser known, but super important, names, sounds, and ideas out there. I had an excellent time taking Marlon and Wills around Detroit to show them some important music sites. We did a techno tour!! They visited Submerge on their own the day before, and spoke extensively with Cornelius Harris, John Collins, and Jon Dixon. I took them past Hart Plaza and described how the festival happens there. We went past the Music Institute at 1515 Broadway, Motor at 3515 Caniff, and Oslo at 1456 Woodward. We visited the Packard Auto Plant where tons of big old parties were thrown in the 1990s. I wanted to take them to Buy Rite Records at 7324 W 7 Mile and Detroit Threads at 10238 Jos. Campau, but there wasn’t time. I was invited to sit in on their interview with Carl Craig. It was pretty great. Yes, I’m a tag-a-long tour guide! The highlight was a visit to Archer Record Pressing Plant.

Mike Archer graciously let us in and took us on a tour of the plant. Here’s the feature on Archer at the Afropop Worldwide blog.

And the audio of the tour:

Afropop Visits Archer Pressing in Detroit by Marlonious Thunk

This was one of the most fun projects I’ve ever been involved in and I look forward to doing more work like this, for radio, film, print, whoever wants to know!