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Celebrating Detroit

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Detroit: Motor City Frequencies

Check that link there. This event has been wonderful. Every night this week has featured prominent Detroit musicians. I wish I had taken the time to post this before the actual event began, but like I mentioned below, my days have been crammed with other stuff. I’ll have lots to tell you about the week when I get a chance to sit down and really write something thorough.

Ed Wolfrum, chief engineer at Motown’s Studio B and United Sound Systems, changed my world last night. That is something I definitely want to be able to tell you about in full. Inspiring and invigorating. And, he’s a badass Detroiter.

Here’s what he opened with:

Along with some other beautiful sounds that I failed to write down and now my tired head can’t remember. I’m really not that tired. It’s just a lame excuse. LAME.



Detroit is Blessed

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Interdimensional Transmissions presents…


Seventh City, Cynet Media | Tokyo

Frictional | Detroit

Ectomorph, IT | Detroit

IT, Ectomorph, | Detroit

Saturday, September 17, 2011
Attend for full info
10pm – ???
$10 before midnight

INFOLINE 313 451 0144

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When schoolcraft wax is quiet, Denise is busy.

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Don’t worry. I’m busy with stuff that will probably make you happy. Dissertation is well on it’s way. I have a dissertation committee of four Indiana University faculty members. The chair of my committee reads and suggests revisions to the whole thing. Then approves the changes I make. Then my whole committee reads it through and suggests more revisions, if necessary. Then I meet with them and defend, which means I talk about what I did and what I wrote, and then answer questions they have. Then the shit is done.

Right now, chapters 1 and 2 have been revised. Chapters 3 and 4 are waiting to be revised. Chapter 5 should be completed next week. And the conclusion needs a few paragraphs added in the middle.

Then comes the transition to a book. My dissertation chair is so brilliant and skilled that she seems to have that end result in mind while editing my dissertation. She’s got my back in a lot of ways and I appreciate it. That book will be academic. Lot’s of anthropological and philosophical theory, but also a shit ton of Detroit. If you’re not into theory, that’s cool. I have big plans for other books and projects about Detroit music that will involve the words and ideas of many people from Southeast Michigan who know and can talk about what they know. These future projects will not be primarily for an academic audience. They will be directed at a wider audience of people who are into music, life, Detroit, and other stuff that you love.

Thank you for always reading.


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Rephlex is Twenty

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Rephlex 20th Anniversary Tour

Only two dates.

One in Chicago, yes, yes, of course, that makes sense. Here is the facebook event for that night. And a lovely afternoon in Millennium Park. Here is the facebook event for that. Chicago. Okay, so they’re going to play NYC too, right? Nope, they were, but not anymore. Flight difficulties. So, okay, they’re playing on the west coast then, right? Um no.

Where’s the other date?



Ypsilanti, MI.

And not only Ypsilanti. But the specific location is Woodruff’s. I shit you not.

Here is the info for the show at Woodruff’s:

Come early, very limited space!
Due to flight difficulties there will only be two US tour dates!

Rephlex Records presents: 20th Birthday Braindance Tour
$10 21+ // $15 18-20

9pm // 18+

featuring Live acts + DJs:

Bogdan Raczynski

Aleksi Perälä (aka Ovuca/Astrobotnia) (Finland)


Dave Monolith (UK)

Soundmurderer & SK-1 (aka Todd Osborn and Tadd Mullinix)

For more information please visit:

I am so excited that I am gushing.

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Social Awareness

Rest in Peace, Dan Sicko

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Dan was a respected and honored institution in Detroit, an excellent writer and thinker, and a generous, humble person. Many have written beautiful words about Dan over the past 24 hours. His friends and family have suffered a great loss. My favorite is when people describe him as an ambassador for Detroit. He was certainly that. Here are a few articles about him:

Loss of a Techno Rebel

Detroit Free Press

You can donate to help his family and contribute to his daughter’s education fund here.

And enjoy his super awesome online magazine, REVERB.

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